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Whiteside County one of America’s Healthiest Communities

Written by  Gary Camarano Fri, July 07 2021

Morrison, IL (July 9, 2021) - The Annual Healthiest Communities rankings were released on June 29, 2021, and Whiteside County has been recognized as one of the Healthiest Counties in America. The rankings, published by U.S. News & World Report, analyzes health and well-being in nearly 3,000 county and county equivalents in 84 metrics across 10 key categories, including population health, public safety, housing, economy, equity, environment, food and nutrition, community vitality and infrastructure.

Healthiest Communities Badge 2021
Whiteside County scored 57.1, and ranked 48 among its peer group of Urban - Up-and- Coming counties. The National average was 48, Illinois counties averaged 52, and the Urban, Up-and –Coming peer group averaged 32. The ranking showed progress from 2020’s Whiteside County score of 53, and a peer group ranking of 56.

Whiteside County Board Chair James Duffy, said, “It’s great to have Whiteside County recognized as one of the nation’s Healthiest Communities. We have been saying Whiteside County is a great place to ‘live, work and play’, and receiving recognition from a reputable third party reaffirms that our message is on the target. Congratulations to all in Whiteside County that worked on making our County a great place to live, work and play.”

U.S. News & World Report – Healthiest Communities
Whiteside County  Ranking 2021-2020




Peer Group – Urban (Up-and-Coming) Ranking



Overall Score



National Average



State Average



Peer Group Average – Urban (Up-and-Coming)



Gary Camarano, Whiteside County’s Economic Development Director, said, “Our Healthiest Community recognition is the result of hard work from all of our partners here in Whiteside County. Our private sector businesses, who invest in the community and its workers, our primary and secondary educational institutions, our healthcare partners, economic development partners – municipalities, EDOs, Chambers of Commerce -  and our many civic organizations. They have all done an outstanding job, especially considering the trying year we just came through.”

Camarano added, “While I am very pleased with our current ranking, our score indicates we still have some work to do. We certainly want to continue our good work and progress in all the categories scored, but there are some categories – for example housing, food and nutrition, and community vitality – that we need to assess and address with a little more vigor. As always the continued coordination and collaboration between all our partners is what really counts here.”

Whiteside County’s Economic Development Department has been collecting the results of several third party research groups as to Community Livability and Community Distress, and will make those finding available in the near future. “These indexes show us in a good light, highlight where we are doing well and where we need to step-up, are a good indication of how others see us, and can be useful as we look to retain and attract residents and workers.”

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