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Sheriff Kelly Wilhelmi announces the launching of "SENIORS VS. CRIME"

Written by  Mon, July 07 2009

Whiteside County Sheriff Kelly Wilhelmi is pleased to announce the launching of “ SENIORS Vs. CRIME “ of Whiteside County. This new program is aimed at combating criminal victimization of older citizens and reducing their fear of becoming victims.

Older citizens comprise the most rapidly growing segment of our population. It has been found that fear and embarrassment are the two main reasons that crimes against seniors go unreported. “ SENIORS Vs. CRIME “ provides a confidential help-line for seniors to call with any concerns or questions about financial exploitation, identity theft, home repair fraud, scams or any other crimes against seniors.

“Cell Phones for Seniors” which provides used cell phones for emergency purposes and the “ Packet of Life “ which is hung on your refrigerator and provides personal medical information for emergency responders to your home are also part of the “ Seniors “ program.

Sheriff Wilhelmi has not only taken a very proactive approach towards combating crime, but also is a strong advocate towards education and prevention against crime. He feels that attacking crime and criminals from both directions is the key to winning the fight. If you are a senior or know a senior  who could benefit from this program, please call us today. 

The “SENIORS VS. CRIME” help-line number is (815) 772-5222.
Whiteside County Sargent Doug Buhler monitors the help-line daily and will return your call promptly. Please, help us in helping you.