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Property Fraud Alert Service Offered

Written by  Fri, February 02 2011


Whiteside County Recorder, Dawn M. Young, is pleased to offer Property Fraud Alert.  The free service notifies individuals when transactions involving their property are recorded in the Recorder's Office.  

"While property fraud is a serious problem in the Chicago and collar county areas, I am not aware of any local fraudulent filings.  By offering the residents of Whiteside County this type of protection, we hope to deter fraudulent recordings" Young states.

Sign up takes just a few moments and requires only the person's name and a phone number or e-mail address.  The Free service and database are managed and maintained by Fidlar Technologies, the County's software provider for land records.

The Property Fraud Alert system will deliver an alert by e-mail or telephone if the user's name appears on a document filed in the Whiteside County Recorder's Office.  Most alerts received will be for legitimate documents, such as those filed when a home is bought or sold.  But if the property owner is concerned about a document he or she is unaware of, the alert contains information that allows the owner to investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

For further details contact the Whiteside County Recorder's Office at 815.772.5192.  To subscribe free of charge: Property Fraud Alerts or call the PFA hotline at 800.728.3858.