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Written by  Fri, March 03 2020

Pursuant to administrative order of the Chief Judge of the 14th Judicial Circuit, the following policies and procedures will be effective beginning on March 16th-May 4th, or until further order of the Court:

All non-essential cases, including out-of-custody traffic, misdemeanor,  felony; divorce/family; adoptions; L, MR and CH cases; small claims; pay/appear; CIVIL jury trials and CRIMINAL jury trials which do not involve any speedy trial issues; and any other matters which are not emergent, will be continued, including matters set for trial.  Grand Jury matters will not be scheduled.  Marriages will not be scheduled at the courthouse.

Juvenile matters, Drug Court, and Emergency Orders of Protection, and other essential cases will be held as scheduled, but Judges will be setting next hearing dates on May 4th or after, if possible.  Judges will make determinations, with input from the parties, on a case-by-case basis as to whether each action qualifies as an essential matter and whether a setting is required within the period of moratorium.

We require the assistance of the involved County officeholders and attorneys to publish this information to litigants, opposing counsel, witnesses, clients, victims, police officers and others involved in court cases. 

Judges encourage the provision of agreed orders setting forth new dates and teleconferences to reschedule matters.  We are attempting to limit, as much as possible, the number of persons in the courthouse in order to protect court employees and those persons utilizing the court system.  If you are sick, PLEASE DO NOT come to the courthouse, but call instead.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please note that this notice applies to the Whiteside County Courts - All other County Offices are operating as normal.

  pdf To veiw the Offficial Notice please click on this link (49 KB)