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2010 General Election News

Written by  Tue, August 08 2010


Whiteside County Clerk, Dana Nelson, wishes to remind disabled and elderly voters of the many aids and provisions for assistance in voting at the upcoming election.  Nelson said that her office welcomes inquiries by anyone who feels they may wish to take advantage of these aids at the November 2, 2010 General Election.

Nelson reminds all Whiteside County citizens who are not registered voters, that Mail-in Voter Registration Applications are available at nearly all government locations, financial institutions and Post Offices in the County and that those forms can be filled out and sent, by mail, to the County Clerk's office. Along with this there are accessible voter registration facilities in every community of the County. Deputy Voter Registrars are permitted to come to the homes of voters to register those who are unable to get to a Registrar.  There are nearly one hundred Deputy Registrars scattered throughout the County.  For more information on one near you, contact the County Clerk's office at 815-772-5189 or write to the County Clerk - 200 E. Knox St., Morrison, IL  61270.  The voter registration deadline is October 5, 2010.

Nelson stated that all voters may vote by absentee ballot.  No reason is necessary to vote absentee.  They need merely contact her office to request an application.  After filing the application with the County Clerk's office, the ballot will be mailed to the voter at home, or wherever he or she may be at the time, along with complete instructions for voting and returning the voted ballot.  Voters may apply for this absentee ballot forty days prior to each election.  The last day to apply is five days before each election.  Early voting is also available at the Courthouse in Morrison beginning October 12 through October 28, 2010.

Another aspect to this law is the fact that on Election Day (if requested in advance), the Judges of Election are permitted to deliver a ballot to any voter who cannot get into the polling place.  These judges may deliver the ballot to the voter at the point at which he or she is unable to continue toward the polling place as long as this point is within 50 feet of the Polling Place entrance.  Any voter who desires to have the ballot delivered must have first filed an application with the County Clerk's office prior to election day.  Assistance is also available in the polling place. Touch screen voting machines will also be available that are specifically designed to assist disabled voters cast their vote.

She went on to say that all polling places throughout the County are disabled accessible and will have disabled parking spaces available near the building entrance.  In addition, all polling places will be equipped with special visual aids to assist voters.

Nelson urges everyone to take advantage of the right to vote at this Election, and to feel free to request assistance from the Election Judges on election day.  They are specifically trained to render this assistance and welcome the opportunity to be of help.

For further information on elections, voter registration, and the available assistance to elderly and disabled voters, contact the Whiteside County Clerk's Office in Morrison.  Regular office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and the phone number is 815-772-5189.  The TTD/TTY number is 815-772-5266.

Specimen Ballot, Absentee Application, Voter Registration Application-click here