Sheriff Sales

From Thursday, Jun. 04, 2020 10:00 am until Thursday, Jun. 04, 2020 11:00 am

At 3rd floor lobby - Whiteside County Courthouse

Categories: Sheriff Sales

  • 19CH88 Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC vs Tyler Shaw-Sodaro commonly known as 1511 14th Ave, Rock Falls, IL(continued to 7/2/20)
  • 19CH114 Lakeview Loan Servicing vs Sydney N Austin commonly known as 608 7th Ave, Rock Falls, IL(continued to 7/2/20)
  • 19CH82 US Bank National Association vs Austin Stahl commonly known as 1207 W 17th St, Rock Falls, IL(continued to 7/2/20)
  • 19CH19 First Guaranty Mortgage Corp vs Nicholas Ernst commonly known as 10114 Bristol St, Rock Falls, IL(continued to 7/2/20)
  • 191CH108 Eagle Home Mortgage vs Grant W Ganzer commonly known as 15045 Frog Pond Rd, Fulton, IL(continued to 7/2/20)
  • 19CH81 Mill City Mortgage Loan vs Edward Nelson commonly known as 28619 Woodside Dr Rock Falls, IL 
  • 19CH12 Nationstar Mortgage vs Jason Harris commonly known as 1002 East Ave, Sterling, IL(conitnued to 7/2/20)
  • 19CH104 Morton Community Bank vs Deeandra L Harden commonly known as 307 N Church St, Albany, IL
  • 19CH124 Select Employees Credit Union vs Stephanie R Ernst commonly known as 2200 Scott St, Rock Falls, IL
  • 19CH101 Select Employees Credit Union vs Heirs and Legatees of Barbara L Smith commonly known as 1212 Lincoln St, Rock Falls, IL
  • 19CH86 Community State Bank of Rock Falls vs Sarah N Housley commonly known as 206 W 21st St, Rock Falls, IL
  • 19CH95 Nationstar Mortgage vs David Tyler commonly known as 8 N 10th St, Fulton, IL