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How can I get the speed limit on my road lowered?

If you live on a township road you must contact your township commissioner. If you live on a County Road, you can call the Highway Department and speak with the County Engineer.

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Who do I call to get a "school bus stop ahead" sign put up by my house?

It is the policy of The County to have Transportation Company's or schools request these signs. If you feel one is necessary, please contact your school first and have them request the sign in writing

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What is the legal weight limit on County Roads?

The legal limit is 73,280 pounds except for a few 80,000-pound rates. Those roads with an 80,000-pound limit are as follows:

1. Fenton Road - From Garden Plain Road South 6 1/2 miles.
2. Black Road - From Fenton Road to Route 78.
3. Emerson Road - From Route 30 to Route 2.
4. Dixon Ave. - From County Line to Rock Falls City limits.
5. Hahnaman Road - From County Line to Route 40.

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Who do I contact if there is a problem with my road?

Many times the problems are on either township or state routes. Please determine who has jurisdiction over the road and then contact the appropriate agency. The State of Illinois contact number is (815) 284-2271. A list of State maintained roads are as follows:

1. Garden Plain Road
2. Route 78
3. Route 84
4. Route 136
5. Route 30
6. Route 2
7. Route 40
8. Freeport Road
9. Route 172
10. Pilgrim Road from Coleta to Hickory Hills and Freeport Road to County Line

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Where do I call if I have questions about the landfill & recycling?

Any questions about the landfill should be directed to Prairie Hill Recycling and Disposal Facility @ (815) 772-7308.

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What is the procedure for having an entrance put in?

A permit from the Whiteside County Development Department is the first step. Then the owner must mark where they would like the entrance and The County Highway Department will inspect it to make sure it is the correct size and in an adequate location.

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How come nobody cuts the weeds at intersections?

Whiteside County sprays the weeds every year. However, we may miss some areas that do need attention. Please contact this office if you have a problem area.

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I've been snowed in for three (3) days, is a plow ever going to come down my road?

The County makes every effort to have the roads clean and safe to help people get to and from work. Many times this means working 18-hour days. Each driver has a specific route and drives the route several times a day during a storm. Therefore, your road will be maintained on a regular basis.