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When did Whiteside County establish 911?

Whiteside County has been live with E911 since December 1992. Prior to 911 going on line, there were 38 different telephone numbers for Emergency Services in Whiteside County.

What is E911?

E911or Enhanced 911 provides the Dispatcher with the callers telephone number, address and the Police, Fire and EMS Agencies responsible for that location.

Where are 911 Calls answered in Whiteside County?

Whiteside County has two PSAP’s (Public Safety Answering Points): Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office, Morrison, IL and Twin City Communication Center (Sterling Police & Fire, Rock Falls Police & Fire, CGH Ambulance)Sterling, IL.

What are instances where 911 should be used?

911 should be used to report emergencies like: a shooting, a fire, a traffic accident, a person choking, a fight or display of weapons.

When should 911 NOT be used?

911 should not be used to report problems with telephones, power or cable television outages. 911 should also not be used to request legal advice or in place of directory assistance.

What if I accidentally dial 911?

If you accidentally dial 911, do not hang up. The call will complete to the Dispatch Center even though you hang up. The Dispatcher will attempt to call you back to see if there is an emergency or possibly send an officer to your address to check on you. Stay on the line and advise the dispatcher that you mis-dialed. They will verify your address and telephone number before releasing your call.

Can I dial 911 from a Cell phone which no longer has service?

Yes, cell phones that no longer have service can be used to dial 911, however, the Dispatcher will receive no information about the caller - no name, number or address information as the phone is “not activated”. Be prepared to provide your name and location of the emergency.