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Electronic Monitor Home Detention



How much does the EMHD cost?

To be placed on the EMHD, generally an offender is charged a $25.00 set up fee plus $12.00 per day. All payments are due by 4PM each Friday. Payments must be made in cash or money order at the Sterling or Morrison Whiteside County Court Services office.

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When can I be released on EMHD?

You must serve 10% of your required jail sentence unless otherwise ordered by the Court, however , it still requires an application process.

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How is the EMHD hooked up?

The EMHD system is connected through the phone line. ( no cordless phones) Therefore, a person must have a land based phone line. The phone line cannot have any blocks (900 number), call waiting, call forwarding, internet service or answering machines. All of these services must be cancelled before you can be hooked up to the EMHD.

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How do I get on the EMHD system?

You must either be court ordered to the EMHD or you can request an application for EMHD from the jail staff.