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Court Supervision / Conditional Discharge



Do I have to report in person?

If you are sentenced to Court Supervision or Conditional Discharge you are required to report in person to Court Services within 5 days. After that, you can report by telephone. This office monitors the treatment conditions in a court order and the Court Services Fees so regular updates on status in treatment are required.

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Do I have to report to court at the end of my term?

Court Supervision - Yes, the court date is listed on your court order. It is generally the last condition listed.

Conditional Discharge - No, a court appearance is not necessary unless specifically ordered by the court.

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I have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI), where do I get an evaluation?

Click on the following link. DUI Evaluator Sheet (Adobe Acrobat Format)

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Can I leave the State while on Court Supervision/Conditional Discharge?

Court Supervision - The Court does not restrict movement on an order of Court Supervision.

Conditional Discharge - To leave the State while on Conditional Discharge you must contact Court Services for a travel permit. To move out of State contact your Probation Officer about the rules for interstate transfer.

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I have a DUI and have a Statutory Summary Suspension, can I get a work permit to drive?

To obtain a Judicial Driving Permit contact your attorney or the Whiteside County Circuit Clerk’s office at 815-535-4530 or 815-772-5188.

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I received a DUI in Whiteside County but live out of state. Can I do treatment in another state?

Yes, for Court Supervision cases. Please refer to the following link to find a treatment provider near your residence. Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator

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Is a Court Supervision Fee the same as Probation Services Fee?

No, a Court Supervision Fee is assessed on Court Supervision/Conditional Discharge cases and is only in effect while the special conditions of an order are being completed (i.e. treatment, public service work). Once all special conditions are complete the Court Supervision Fee ends. That is why it is important to keep in contact with your Probation Officer. A Probation Services Fee is assessed in probation cases and is to be paid monthly during the entire term of probation.

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Are my Court Supervision Fees included in the costs and fines?

No, the Court Supervision Fees are separate from costs and fines. You can obtain the balance of Court Supervision Fees by contacting your Probation Officer. You can obtain the balance of costs and fines by contacting the Whiteside County Circuit Clerk’s office. However, all monies are paid to the Whiteside County Circuit Clerk’s office. You may pay fees at either the Sterling or Morrison office in the form of cash or a money order.

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Where do I pay monies owed?

All monies are paid to the Whiteside County Circuit Clerk’s office in the form of cash or money order except for Electronic Monitor fees.