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I have just been placed on Probation, what do I do?

The Court has placed you on Probation and ordered you to report within 5 days. You can check in between 8AM - 4:30PM at the Court Services office in Sterling or Morrison. At the first contact basic information will be obtained and an intake appointment will be scheduled with the department’s Intake Officer. You will be given an intake worksheet to complete and bring to your initial appointment.

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What information do I need for an intake appointment?

The intake appointment will last approximately one hour. It is best if you do not bring children to your intake appointment or probation appointments. You must bring a completed intake worksheet, a copy of a recent pay stub and/or proof of employment, and proof of address (an envelope with your name/address or rent receipt). Also, be prepared to take a drug test.

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Can I leave the State while on Probation?

No, except with the prior consent of the probation office or the court. To temporarily leave the State while on Probation you must contact your Probation Officer for a travel permit. To move out of State contact your Probation Officer about the rules for interstate transfer. There are very specific guidelines that must be followed.

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What is a Travel Permit?

A travel permit is a document that is issued to a defendant by the probation department allowin the defendant to travel outside the state of Illinois. A defendant must provide the address of the destination, with whom they will be residing and a contact phone number if possible. The travel permit is signed by both the defendant and the probation officer with an agreement to return to the state of Illinois .

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Where do I pay other monies owed?

All monies are paid to the Whiteside County Circuit Clerk’s office in the form of cash or money order.

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If I cannot make my appointment, What do I do?

To reschedule an appointment you must speak with your probation officer. Leaving a voice mail message will not reset your appointment. If you need immediate attention or have a question, please contact the front desk at 815-772-5190.

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