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Sheriff Sales

09/02/21 10:00 am until 09/02/21 10:15 am
Categories: Sheriff Sales
  • 20CH51 Lakeview Loan Servicing vs David Surratt, commonly known as 201 7th Ave, Sterling, IL(Sold to plaintiff for $15,600.00)
  • 20CH12 Community Loan Servicing vs Heirs of Estella K Paxton, commonly known as 612 W 8th St, Sterling, IL(continued to 10/7/21)
  • 21CH9 Quicken Loans vs Theresa K Beckman, commonly known as 514 W Main St, Morrison, IL(sold to 309 Homes LLC for $33,000.00)
  • 21CH16 HSBC Bank USA vs Charlotte Henson-Bellington, commonly known as 1410 Ave L, Sterling, IL(continued to 10/7/21)
  • 21CH5 Pennymac Loan Servicing vs Theresa M Molina, commonly known as 1005 Ave F, Sterling, IL(sold to FTH Holdings for $28,000.00)
  • 20CH26 Community Loan Servicing vs Mary E Jessen, commonly known as 106 Leory St, Morrison, IL(sold to plaintiff for $28,400.00)
  • 20CH45 Morton Community Bank vs Heirs and Legatees of Earl D Cernetisch, commonly known as 306 8th Ave S, Albany, IL(sold to plaintiff for $58,418.47)


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