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Sheriff Sales

05/06/21 10:00 am until 05/06/21 10:15 am
Categories: Sheriff Sales
  • 20CH6 PNC Bank vs Lee A Dixon commonly known as 911 W 10th St, Sterling, IL(cancelled 1/28/21)
  • 20CH36 HSBC Bank USA vs Roberta J Schinderling commonly known as 702 15th Ave, Rock Falls, IL(sold to plaintiff for $94,500.00)
  • 20CH51 Lakeview Loan Servicing vs David Surratt commonly known as 201 7th Ave, Sterling, IL(continued to 7/1/21)
  • 20CH41 TBK Bank vs Kimberly K Given commonly known as 714 W Park St, Morrison, IL(sold to plaintiff for $39,737.85) 
  • 20CH18 US Bank NA vs Brandon M Ward commonly known as 603 W 13th St, Sterling, IL(Sold to Kevin Carroll for $38,100.00) 
  • 20CH56 Freedom Mortgage vs Jonas Hobbs commonly known as 203 N 12th St, Fulton, IL(sold to Manreet Kalyan for $97,000.00)
  • 20CH43 Newrez LLC vs Sean Scully commonly known as 302 4th Ave, Rock Falls, IL(sold to Welcome Home Trust for $34,981.00)
  • 19CH82 US Bank NA vs Austin Stahl commonly known as 1207 W 17th St, Rock Falls, IL(sold to plaintiff for $25,989.00)
  • 19CH106 Wells Fargo Bank vs Troy M Jacobs commonly known as 527 6th St, Erie, IL(sold to Donald Amery for $30,000.00)
  • 20CH46 Community State Bank of Rock Falls vs Derek L Schaver commonly known as 301 S Main St, Albany, IL(sold to plaintiff for $35,000.00)
  • 20CH49 Mortgage Clearing Corp vs Mary E Jessen commonly known as 411 E North St, Morrison, IL (sold to plaintiff for $29,040.00)

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