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Date: Thursday, October 04, 2018 10:00 am
Categories: Sheriff Sales*
  • 18CH23 Dubuque Bank & Trust vs Clifford L Kirst commonly known as 205 Ave D, Rock Falls, IL(cancelled 10/2/18)
  • 17CH142 1st Gateway Credit Union vs Jennifer C Stoecker commonly known as 15606 Sand Rd, Fulton, IL(cont to 11/1/18)
  • 17CH129 Suntrust Mortgage vs Christine E Hager commonly known as 509 2nd Ave N, Albany, IL(sold to plaintiff for $52,560.00)
  • 18CH16 Sterling Federal Bank vs Brianca J VerHoeven commonly known as 515 13th Ave, Fulton, IL(sold to plaintiff for $42,500.00)
  • 16CH88 Lakeview Loan Servicing vs Patrick L Hamilton commonly known as 10488 Fulfs Rd, Morrison, IL(sold to plaintiff for $69,630.00)
  • 17CH153 Community State Bank vs Lisa A Meier commonly known as 401 E Wall  St, Morrison, IL(cancelled 9/27/18)