Date: Thursday, March 01, 2018 10:00 am
Categories: Sheriff Sales*
  • 17CH82 Dubuque Bank and Trust vs Jason Stringer commonly known as 517 E 26th St, Sterling, IL(canceled 2/16/18
  • 17CH61 Carrington Mortgage Services vs Elizabeth A Hammer commonly known as 1314 6th Ave, Sterling, IL(sold to plaintiff for $49,500.00)
  • 14CH83 Clinton National Bank vs Stephen L Myers commonly known as 1306 7th Ave, Fulton, IL(cont to 5/3/18)
  • 16CH107 US Bank National Association vs Scott A Jones commonly known as 3200 Stern Rd, Erie, IL(cont to 4/5/18)
  • 17CH101 Citimortgage Inc vs Jaime Serrano commonly known as 912 5th Ave, Sterling, IL(sold to Rex Lasson for $43,071.00)
  • 17CH91 Wells Fargo Bank vs Martha P Hamstra commonly known as 505 9th Ave, Fulton, IL(sold to plaintiff for $29,434.43)
  • 17CH90 Community State Bank vs Julie A Batten commonly known as 2911 Prophetstown Rd, Rock Falls, IL(sold to plaintiff for $32,500.00)