Date: Thursday, October 05, 2017 10:00 am
Categories: Sheriff Sales*
  • 16CH6 JPMorgan Chase Bank vs Amanda K Hatten commonly known as 535 W 7th St, Rock Falls, IL(canceled 6/1/17)
  • 15CH62 City of Sterling vs Emily Romero commonly known as 701 Locust St, Sterling, IL(cont to 11/2/17)
  • 17CH31 Wells Fargo Bank vs Donald F Stralow commonly known as 523 W Lincolnway, Morrison, IL(sold to plaintiff for $42,865.50)
  • 17CH23 Dutrac Community Credit Union vs Samantha J Ketelsen commonly known as 1010 Suncrest Dr, Fulton, IL(sold to plaintiff for $84,000.00)
  • 17CH67 Sterling Federal Bank vs Ernest I Schultz commonly known as 1408 Wilson St, Sterling, IL(sold to Rosa Webb for $26,000.00) 
  • 17CH48 PennyMac Loan Servicing vs Jordan M Brushaber commonly known as 513 7th Ave, Rock Falls, IL(sold to Rock River Housing for $23,101.00) 
  • 17CH50 US Bank National Association vs Michael J Reyes commonly known as 4203 Woodlawn Rd, Sterling, IL(sold to plaintiff for $80,000.00)
  • 16CH40 Reverse Mortgage vs Anita M Gilbert commonly known as 25530 Prophet Rd, Rock Falls, IL(canceled 10/4/17)
  • 16CH116 Community State Bank of Rock Falls vs Andrew R Taylor commonly known as 108 2nd Ave W, Lyndon, IL(cont to 11/2/17)
  • 17CH42 HSBC Bank USA vs Doris J Heald commonly known as 1108 E 3rd St, Sterling, IL(sold to plaintiff for $20,000.00)
  • 17CH26 Community State Bank of Rock Falls vs Kerry Lilly commonly known as 214 W 13th St, Rock Falls, IL(sold to plaintiff for $45,000.00)