Date: Thursday, April 06, 2017 10:00 am
Categories: Sheriff Sales*
  • 15CH60 Kondaur Capital Corporation vs Sarah Larson commonly known as 102 E Park St, Morrison, IL(canceled 4/5/17)
  • 15CH100 Wells Fargo Bank vs Crystal Burtlow commonly known as 2302 Riverdale Rd, Rock Falls, IL(sold to plaintiff for $66,065)
  • 16CH5 Citifinancial Servicing vs Rodger L Hampton commonly known as 1408 10th Ave, Rock Falls, IL(cont to 5/4/17)
  • 16CH89 Deutsche Bank National Trust vs Tabetha Ross commonly known as 2502 McNeil Rd, Rock Falls, IL(canceled 3/27/17)
  • 14CH114 Wilmington Savings Fund vs Shadrach Bailey commonly known as 1302 Sinnissippi Park Rd, Sterling, IL(sold to plaintiff for $60,000.00)
  • 14CH53 Bank of America vs Allen Hall commonly known as 405 E 5th Ave, Lyndon, IL(cont to 5/4/17)
  • 16CH84 US Bank National Association vs Margaret S Decker commonly known as 1204 Griswold Ave, Sterling, IL(cont to 6/1/17)
  • 16CH48 Caliber Home Loans vs Catherine Bundy commonly known as 807 W 19th St, Sterling, IL(sold to plaintiff for $34,500.00)