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Sheriff Sales

01/02/20 10:00 am until 01/02/20 11:00 am
Categories: Sheriff Sales
  • 19CH49 Wilmington Savings Fund Society vs William Burks commonly known as 2306 W 4th St, Sterling, IL(canceled 8/27/19)(RESET FOR 1/2/20)(sold to Richard Nolan for $49,000.00)
  • 19CH29 Home Point Financial Corp vs Ryan Foster commonly known as 908 N Bluff St, Albany, IL(sold to plaintiff for $54,750.00)
  • 19CH34 US Bank Trust National Association vs Phillip Tubbs commonly known as 502 W 8th St, Sterling, IL(canceled 12/18/19)
  • 18CH66 Specialized Loan Servicing vs Jedediah J Frederick commonly known as 22985 Blue Goose Rd, Chadwick, IL(canceled 10/22/19)
  • 19CH51 1900 Capital Trust II vs Donald E Terrell commonly known as 308 W 10th St, Sterling, IL(continued, unknown date at this time)
  • 19CH40 Illinois State Credit Union vs Heirs or Devisees of Jerry D Rimmer commonly known as 403 E 3rd St, Prophetstown, IL(sold to plaintiff for $41,994.00)
  • 19CH65 Reverse Mortgage Funding vs Heirs and Legatees of Edna M Cheshier commonly known as 1710 13th Ave, Rock Falls, IL(sold to plaintiff for $18,700.00)
  • 15CH130 HSBC Bank vs Kristine M Tyne commonly known as 1810 Lindy Ave, Rock Falls, IL(canceled 12/24/19)

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