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Public Works / Highway


Russell Renner - County Engineer
Whiteside County Highway Department
18819 Lincoln Road
Morrison, IL 61270

Phone: (815) 772-7651
Fax: (815) 772-4870
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Public Works / Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance of the County highways and bridges and the oversight of the closed landfill.  Department responsibilities include budgeting, design, inspections, bidding, and public hearings as required.  In addition, the Department manages all data collection, maintenance, and reporting for the closed landfill as required by the I.E.P.A.

Controlling Board: The Whiteside County Board through the Public Works Committee

Maintenance: 200 miles of county roads.

Types and Categories of Records: Construction plans and special provisions, inspection reports, data collection required by the I.E.P.A., storm water permits, budget reports, audits, contracts, office correspondence, policies/codified ordinances, open minutes of regular and special meetings of the Public Works Committee, claims and payroll information unless exempt from the Freedom of Information' Act.

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       Highway Department Information, Forms, and Documents  


    * Proposals may be obtained by contacting the Whiteside County Highway Department @ 815-772-7651 or in person at 18819 Lincoln Road, Morrison, IL.