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Penny VanKampen, County Treasurer
Alissa Maloy, Chief Deputy Treasurer
Karley Boston, Deputy Collector
200 East Knox Street
Morrison, IL  61270
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
815-772-5244 (fax)
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Important Property Tax Dates in 2021

April 23: Mobile Home tax bills mailed
June 1: Mobile Home tax due

May 14: Real Estate tax bills mailed
May 14: Credit card payments accepted for real estate tax
June 16: Real Estate tax 1st installment due
June 17: A penalty is effective after due date pursuant to State Statues. Interest is added at a rate of 1.5% per month effective on the first day following each due date until tax is sold or forfeited. Parts or fractions of a month shall be considered a month.

Sept 1: Real Estate tax 2nd installment due. Last day to pay real estate taxes at banks
Sept 2: A penalty is effective after due date pursuant to State Statues. Interest is added at a rate of 1.5% per month effective on the first day following each due date until tax is sold or forfeited. Parts or fractions of a month shall be considered a month. Additional cost may be incurred after the second installment due date.
Sept 17: Certified delinquent real estate tax letters mailed
Oct 1: Last day to pay real estate taxes with noncertified funds (personal checks) to the Collector
Oct 1: Last day to pay before delinquent real estate taxes published in newspaper 

Delinquent real estate taxes published in newspapers
Oct 22: Last day credit card payments accepted for real estate taxes
Nov 3: Last day to pay real estate taxes
Nov 4: Annual real estate tax sale 1:00 p.m.

Participating Bank Collectors in Whiteside County

  Only the following banks will accept payment of your Whiteside County real estate taxes May 14, 2021 thru September 8, 2021
(must have tax bill to pay at bank)

  • Central Bank
  • Community State Bank
  • First State Bank of Forrest (Previously - Erie State Bank)
  • Farmers National Bank
  • First Trust & Savings Bank
  • Midland State Bank
  • People's Bank Tampico
  • Sauk Valley Bank
  • Sterling Federal Bank
  • Triumph Bank
  • U S Bank

      General Tax Information

The County Treasurer shall receive and safely keep the revenues and other public monies of the county, and all money and funds authorized by law be paid to her, and disburse the same pursuant to law. The County Treasurer must keep a record of all such funds and report monthly to the County Board the balances of these funds.   The County Collector prepares bills for the purpose of tax collection of real estate, drainage and mobile home taxes within Whiteside County. Upon receipt of tax monies the County Collector proceeds to disburse these funds to more than 140 taxing districts. The 2020 taxes payable in 2021 total to be collected are $84,253,669.14. Real Estate tax is $82,046,762.24, drainage tax is $590,379.48, and railroad tax is $1,616,527.42. The first installment of real estate tax is due June 16, 2021 with the second installment due date on September 1, 2021. The County Collector holds a tax sale at the end of every tax year to sell the tax on every parcel that remains unpaid.

For assessment, property description, multiplier, exemption and tax bill mailing address change, contact the Supervisor of Assessments Office at (1-815-772-5195). Your local Township Assessor can explain how your assessment was determined. A listing of Township Assessors can be found by clicking here. For tax rate and tax levy and redemption of sold taxes, contact the County Clerk at (1-815-772-5189).   For tax billing and payment questions, contact the County Treasurer at (1-815-772-5196).

         Tax Collection Information

Your total real estate tax bill is payable in two installments. You will only receive one bill. Partial payments will not be accepted. Failure to receive a tax bill or receiving one late, for any reason, will not relieve tax payer from paying taxes or late penalties.

There is a fee to obtain a duplicate bill.

Postmark showing the due date is acceptable to avoid late penalty. Make checks payable to Whiteside County Collector. Cancelled check will serve as receipt. Nonpayment of check by your bank voids receipt and tax payment. A $25.00 returned check fee will be assessed in addition to any applicable penalties. Personal checks will not be accepted 30 days prior to tax sale.

If a mortgage company is to pay your bill, it is your responsibility to call them and ask if they need you to send them a copy of your bill. Many mortgage companies pay electronically now and may not require a bill.

If you no longer own this property, forward to the new owner or return entire bill to Collector's office.

A penalty is effective after due dates pursuant to State Statues. Interest is added at a rate of 1.5 % per month until they are paid. Property owners who have delinquent taxes remaining after the second due date will be mailed a certified delinquent letter and a $10.00 fee will be added to the amount due. A delinquent tax list will be published after the second due date. Additional cost and interest will be added at tax sale.

If your mobile home is located in Whiteside County and taxed as mobile home and not real estate, you will receive a separate bill. Mobile home tax is based upon the year and square footage of the mobile home.

If you are in a drainage district for which Whiteside County is the Collector and there is an assessment due this year, the amount of that tax shall be included on your real estate tax bill.

    Tax Payment Information

In Person – Morrison Courthouse, Treasurer/Collector Office 2nd Floor  (Cash, Check, Cashier’s Check/Money Order)

Credit Card – Convenience Fee Applied:

Over the Counter – Morrison Courthouse
Toll Free – 1-866-339-4729

By Mail – A postmark showing the due date is acceptable to avoid late penalty.  Make checks payable to Whiteside County Collector.  Send the    appropriate tax stub with your payment.  Mail to Whiteside County Collector, 200 E Knox St., Morrison IL 61270.

Through a Whiteside County Bank - Most banks will accept payment during bank’s normal business hours. You will need your tax bill. The last day to pay at the banks will be September 8, 2021.

Automatic ACH Withdrawal – Forms available (click here)  Please fill out form, sign, and attach a voided check and return to the Treasurer’s office.  Withdrawals will take place on the 1st and 2nd installment due dates.  The forms must be received 10 business days before the installment due date.  The automatic withdrawal will remain in effect until revoked in written notification from the taxpayer.

Drop Box – Law Enforcement Center, 400 N. Cherry, Morrison – Payment must be dropped by 4:30 on the due date to avoid late penalty.

      Tax Sale Information

Tax Sale will be November 4, 2021 and begin promptly at 1:00 p.m. The tax sale will be held in the Whiteside County Courthouse, first floor, Room 117, 200 East Knox Street, Morrison IL 61270.

Tax Sale Registration Form

The purpose of the Annual Tax Sale is to collect delinquent real estate taxes for the benefit of all taxing districts and to restore tax delinquent property to tax paying status. Please be aware that when you purchase at the tax sale, you are purchasing real estate taxes and not property. Purchasing taxes is a complex legal procedure and we highly recommend that you contact an attorney, and review the Illinois Compiled State Statues, Chapter 35.  

You must register in writing 10 business days prior to the tax sale with the Whiteside County Collector's office. There is a $500.00 deposit in United States funds due with your registration form and that money will be applied to your purchases at the sale. You or your registered representative must be physically present at the sale to bid. The sale is automated and facilitated by: RAMS Auctions, Joseph E Meyers & Associates Inc, 141 St Andrews Ave, Edwardsville IL 62025 (1-800-248-2850) or (1-618-656-5744).

A delinquent tax sale list will be available in the collector's office. There is a $100.00 non-refundable fee to purchase the list. Please note: the tax sale list is provided for the sole purpose of the delinquent property tax sale, use of this information for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. The County Collector reserves the right to deny sale of the list to anyone violating this rule. Delinquent tax sale listings are also published in part in local newspapers.

    Senior Citizens Tax Deferral Program

The Senior Citizens Real Estate Tax Deferral Act (320 ILCS 30/1 et seq.) allows qualified senior citizens to elect to defer all or part of the property taxes and special assessments on their principal residences. The principal residence is the homestead portion of the property and is the only portion of the property for which you can apply for deferral of taxes. The property taxes and special assessments do not become due until after the death of the property owner or when the real estate is sold or no longer qualifies. A lien is placed on the property and interest is assessed at six percent simple interest rate per year.

To qualify for the tax deferral you must: 

      •  Be 65 years of age or older by June 1, 2021
      •  Have a total household income of no more than $55,000
      •  Have lived in the property or other qualifying property for at least the last three years
      •  Own the property, or share joint ownership with your spouse, or you and your spouse be the sole beneficiaries of an  Illinois land trust
      •  Have adequate insurance against fire or casualty loss
      •  Have no unpaid property taxes and special assessments on the property

Qualifying property is a homestead that 

      • You, or you and your spouse, own in fee simple, or are purchasing in fee simple  under a recorded instrument of sale, or are the sole beneficiaries of an Illinois land trust
      • Is not income-producing property, and
      • Is not subject to a lien for unpaid property taxes and special assessments 

Forms will be available in January & February of the calendar year and must be received in the Treasurer's office by March 1st of each calendar year. Required paperwork will be:


Evidence of adequate insurance on the property