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Circuit Clerk

Sue R Costello

PLEASE NOTE: The office of the Circuit Clerk cannot give legal advice.

The Circuit Clerk is elected on a Whiteside County wide basis by the citizens for a four year term as a non-judicial office of the Judicial Branch of Illinois State Government.

The duties of the Circuit Clerk are set forth by Statute, Rules of the Supreme Court and Administrative orders of the local Circuit Court.The Circuit Clerk is responsible for maintaining a record of all traffic, civil, and criminal cases filed and heard in Whiteside County.

On a daily basis, the office interacts with the public and Attorneys performing several functions including the collection and disbursement of fines and fees. 

If you are paying for a May Appear (no court appearance required) traffic citation:

  1. You can plead guilty and pay onlinewww.judici.com .
  2. You can pay in person with a signed guilty plea .
  3. You can mail a money order or certified check with a signed guilty plea to the Circuit Clerk’s office. 

Personal checks are not accepted and do not send cash in the mail.

Payments on court payable matters (cases that have been to court and have fines, fees & costs already assessed) can be paid by cash, money order or certified check.  They can also be paid by credit card at the Morrison office or online at www.judici.com

The office is also responsible for recording filed documents and maintaining a record of all Court proceedings.

  pdf Whiteside County Court Filing Fees (88 KB)

  pdf Courts Local Rules (2017) (454 KB)

Whiteside County Courts Zoom Information

The Clerk and/or the Deputy Clerks are required to attend sessions of the Court and keep and preserve all records and files of the Court.

The Circuit Clerks office handles every type of case from a traffic ticket to a felony case, from Small Claims to a large personal injury suit, from adoption cases to probate of an estate cases.

There are currently two (2) Circuit Judges and one (1) Associate Judge that preside over cases.

Court is held in Morrison, Ill at the Whiteside County Courthouse at 200 East Knox Street
and also in a satellite office at the Eastern Branch Facility at 101 East Third Street in Sterling, IL.

Morrison Main Number (815) 772-5188

Sterling main number (815) 535-4530

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: Morrison (815) 772-5187
       Sterling (815) 535-4548

General Division-Morrison 
200 East Knox Street 
Morrison, Il. 61270
(815) 772-5164

General Division-Sterling 
101 East Third Street
Sterling, Il. 61081
(815) 535-4530

Probate Division 
200 East Knox Street
Morrison, Il. 61270
(815) 772-5168

Child Support 
200 East Knox Street
Morrison, Il. 61270
(815) 772-5163

Small Claims-Morrison Division 
200 East Knox Street
Morrison, Il. 61270
(815) 772-5164

Small Claims-Sterling Division 
101 East Third Street
Sterling, Il. 61270
(815) 535-4534

Traffic - Morrison Division
200 East Knox Street        
Morrison, Il. 61270
(815) 772-5165 or (815) 772-5188

Traffic-Sterling Division 
101 East Third Street    
Sterling, Il. 61081
(815) 535-4531