Lauren Lee
GIS Coordinator

200 East Knox Street
Morrison, IL 61270
Phone: (815) 772-5185
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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GIS Mission Statement & Vision

Whiteside County GIS strives to work in partnership with County Departments to support the activities of the County by providing comprehensive GIS data, infrastructure, and services to enable decision-making, improve efficiency, and enhance service to the public.

It is the vision of Whiteside County GIS to provide an innovative GIS environment incorporating current and emerging technologies using a cost-effective, county wide enterprise approach.

What is a GIS?

A GIS is a Geographic Information System. GIS software represents features on the earth, such as cities, roads, addresses, etc. in a digital map and database. People use GIS to visualize, question, analyze, and understand this data. GIS makes map data interactive and therefore, much more useful.

How does Whiteside County use GIS?

Whiteside County established a GIS in 2004 with the original purpose of providing a base map of all the properties in the county for use by the Assessor’s office. However, the GIS has expanded to include many other forms of data used by several county offices. Parcel map maintenance and supporting the tax assessment process is the main focus of the GIS office. However, we also have layers that support E911 and public safety, election and voting information, data that help in decision-making by the Planning and Zoning and Economic Development offices, along with many other forms of data and maps.

How can I obtain a copy of a map?

Whiteside County GIS can provide map prints in-house. In addition, the GIS parcel maps are viewable online through our Tax Parcel Viewer.


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