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Whiteside County Courts


Main Courthouse
200 East Knox
Morrison, IL 61270


Sterling Court Building
101 East Third
Sterling, IL 61081

Notice: Please click on the link to read - pdf Procedure for Resumption of Court Proceedings June 1st, 2020 (2.73 MB)

Recurring Zoom meetings (Zoom Meetings will start on June 6th, 2020) 
Please note: "Attorneys and Litigants physically present in the Courtroom will have priority on Court days.
Physically present parties will have their cases heard first. If you choose to use Zoom - please be aware that your case will be delayed until the Judge has dealt with those cases physically present first. You may experience up to an hour delay depending on the Court call that day"

Court Documents and Forms for the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit of Illinois


Circuit Clerk-Morrison: 
Phone: 815-772-5188
Fax: 815-772-5187

Circuit Clerk-MorrisonTraffic Dept.: 
Phone: 815-772-5188

Circuit Clerk-Sterling: 
Phone: 815-535-4530
Fax: 815-535-4548

Circuit Clerk-Sterling Traffic Dept.: 
Phone: 815-535-4531

Court Services/Probation-Adult:
Phone: 815-772-5190 
Fax: 815-772-2917

Court Services/Probation-Juvenile: 
Phone: 815-772-5276 
Fax: 815-772-5291

Public Defender: 
Phone: 815-772-5191

States Attorney-Morrison: 
Phone: 815-772-5194 
Fax: 815-772-4299

States Attorney-Sterling: 
Phone: 815-535-4540 
Fax: 815-535-4547 

TTY (Circuit Clerk's Office)
Phone: 815-772-5266

TTY (Sterling Circuit Clk's Office)
Phone: 815-535-4536

Court Disability Coordinator
Sue R Costello
Whiteside County Circuit Clerk
Phone: 815-772-5188

14th Judicial Circuit

Frank R. Fuhr, Chief Judge

James G. Conway

Clarence M. Darrow

Trish A. Senneff

John L. Mc Gehee

Kathleen E. Mesich

Terence M. Patton

Stanley B. Steines

Linnea E. Thompson

Dana R. McReynolds

Peter W. Church

Carol M. Pentuic


Clayton R. Lee

Gregory G. Chickris

James F. Heuerman

Norma Kauzlarich

Theodore G. Kutsunis

Richard A. Zimmer

Daniel Dalton

James J. Cosby

Derek L. Hancks