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Public Works Committee

Public works Committee

Glenn A. Frank, Chair
District 3

Douglas Wetzell, Vice-Chair 
District 2

Larry Russell
District 3

Paul Cunniff
District 2

Tom Witmer
District 1

The Public Works Committee’s duties are as follows:

  • In terms of budget-building, accountability reporting and chain of communication to the Board, serves as the Parent Committee to the County Engineer and the Airport Board.
  • Provides operational oversight and direction to the Highway department, through the County Engineer. The Public Works Committee shall serve as liaison between the Highway department/Public Works department and other Standing and Advisory Committees.
  • Ensures the County Engineer establishes, maintains and presents to the Board a dynamic five year plan and program of highway work to be undertaken by the County itself or jointly with other political agencies. The presentation should be in conjunction with the annual budget. Such work shall include bridges and drainage structures and shall set forth location, type and cost of each highway improvement proposed, subject to IDOT approval. Such plan shall be followed as nearly as it is practical.
  • Shall have the County Engineer initiate specific highway projects which are within the overall annual appropriation and budget ordinance; to advertise for and receive bids, quotations or proposals for such work or items.
  • Considers and promotes work on township roads where state motor fuel tax funds are involved or where County aid is granted to construct or repair bridges, culverts or drainage structures.
  • Oversees post-closure activities and the closed landfill owned by the County. Reviews reports regarding remediation and compliance with IEPA post-closure mandates. Reports changes related to same to the Board.
  • Inspects the condition of and reviews space utilization at the Highway Department annually.
  • Periodically reviews the County Engineer’s fixed asset spending plan that has been approved in the annual budget.
  • Periodically reviews the County Engineer’s repair and replacements/improvements plan at the Highway Department’s facilities , as approved in the annual budget.
  • The Chair of the Board shall appoint from this Committee one member to serve on the Airport Board.
  • Performs other general duties of the Public Works Committee as described in the County Code.
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