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Public Safety Committee

Public Safety Committee


Kurt Glazier, Chair
(815) 441-4737
District 1

Linda Pennell, Vice-Chair
(815) 535-6949
District 2

Sue Britt
(815) 772-2903
District 3

Matt Ward
District 2 


The Public Safety Committee’s duties are as follows:

  • In terms of budget-building, accountability reporting and chain of communication to the Board, serves as the Parent Committee to the Sheriff, ESDA, the State’s Attorney and the Coroner.
  • Reviews, prior to each regular Board meeting, a report from the Sheriff giving the number of prisoners who have been confined in the county jail during the previous month, and after proper examination, this report will be submitted to the Board for acceptance. This report will be made in such form as is agreed upon by the Committee and the Sheriff.
  • Recommends to the Board, in October, the maximum number of deputies that the Sheriff may hire for the following fiscal year, pursuant to statute.
  • Acts as the liaison between the Board and the Sheriff in the initial appointment of auxiliary deputies. Ensures the advice and consent of the Board for re-appointments is solicited in October.
  • Cooperates with the Emergency Services and Disaster Agency Director for building or equipment needs in carrying out the emergency services and disaster agency program in the County and present same to the Board.
  • Reviews the Disaster Services Director’s reports of Emergency Services, as needed.
  • Inspects the condition of and reviews space utilization at the Law Enforcement Center and Courthouse annually.
  • Periodically reviews the Sheriff’s and Coroner’s fixed asset spending plan that has been approved in the annual budget.
  • Periodically reviews the Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Center/Courthouse repair and replacements/improvements plan, as approved in the annual budget.
  • Performs other general duties of the Public Safety Committee as described in the County Code.