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Judiciary Committee

Judiciary Committee

Thomas L. Ausman, Chair
(815) 626-4027
District 1

Chad Weaver, Vice-Chair
(815) 528-2888
District 3

Joan Padilla 
(815) 535-1785
District 1

Barry L. Cox
District 2

The Judiciary Committee’s duties are as follows:

  • In terms of budget-building, accountability reporting and chain of communication to the Board, serves as the Parent Committee for the Public Defender, Court Services, the Circuit Clerk, the Jury Commission, the Law Library, and Court Administration.
  • Provides operational oversight and direction to the Public Defender’s office, through the Public Defender. The Judiciary Committee shall serve as liaison between the Public Defender’s office and other Standing and Advisory Committees.
  • Considers matters pertaining to the public welfare work of the County, to work with the Circuit Court System to the end that dependent and foster children are properly cared for and that those who are under court order to pay for the care of children make prompt payments as directed by the court.
  • Assures that adequate records are kept by the Circuit Clerk which will show briefly such orders as have been issued in each case, and such other information as will readily disclose the status of such cases as regards to expense to the county, conditions of accounts of those ordered to pay and such other information as may affect the interest of the county.
  • Periodically reviews the fixed asset spending plan that has been approved in the annual budget for the State’s Attorney, Circuit Clerk, Court Services, Court Administration, the Public Defender and the Law Library.
  • Brings to the Board all matters pertaining to the Jury Commission, the Court Administration budget and the Law Library.
  • Performs other general duties of the Judiciary Committee as described in the County Code.