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Finance Committee

Finance Committee


Glen C. Truesdell, Chair
District 2

Sally Douglas, Vice Chair
District 1

Daniel Bitler
District 3

Michael J. Clark
District 1

Finance Committee duties are as follows:

  • In terms of budget-building, accountability reporting and chain of communication to the Board, serves as the Parent Committee to the Treasurer and the Economic Development Office.
  • Under the general direction of the Executive Committee, serves as the budget committee. It shall direct the county administrator in the County's budget-building process. Through dialogue, study and analysis, it shall prepare a proposed annual budget and appropriations resolution and a proposed levy ordinance. It shall ensure these instruments are presented to the Board no later than its regular meeting in October, for action at its regular meeting in November.
  • Considers and refers to the Board, as required, re-appropriation resolutions during the course of the fiscal year for the uninterrupted conduct of county business.
  • Reviews claims for Board allowances and reimbursements for travel expenses to ensure compliance with these By-Laws. May reject any expenditure which it deems not connected with county business and is further authorized to reject any unreasonable expenditure even though made in connection with county business.
  • Reviews fund status reports of certain appropriated funds, as prepared by the county administrator.
  • Periodically reviews policies regarding the annual audit.
  • Recommends to the Board a credentialed accounting firm for the performance of the annual audit of County funds by the September meeting of the Board.
  • Directs the county administrator in implementing recommendations in the annual audit report.
  • Presents to the Board such resolutions as may be required in the matter of tax anticipation warrants, as necessary, and to ensure proper procedures are followed.
  • Directs the county administrator in assuring the County is adequately insured against major loss and liability.
  • With advice from the Insurance Advisory Committee, advises and directs the county administrator in contracting for the County's health and life insurance products are for the County's employees.
  • Reviews and approves/denies contingency claims.
  • Performs other general duties of the Finance Committee as described in the County Code.