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County Offices Committee

County Offices Committee


Martin Koster, Chair 
(815) 772-7467 
District 3

Ernest Smith, Vice Chair 
(815) 441-1918 
District 1

Brooke Pearson
(815) 499-9386 
District 2

Tom Witmer
(815) 535-1600
District 1


The County Offices Committee's duties are as follows:

  • In terms of budget-building, accountability reporting and chain of communication to the Board, serves as Parent Committee to the County Clerk, County Recorder, and the Assessments Supervisor and the IT Director.
  • Provides operational oversight and direction to the Management Services department, through its Administrator. Recognizing Management Services is a service center to a wide variety of County-wide departments and programs, the County Offices Committee is expected to serve as its liaison to other Standing and Advisory Committees.
  • Provides operational oversight and direction to the Assessment department, through the Assessments Supervisor. The County Offices Committee shall serve as liaison between the Assessment department and other Standing and Advisory Committees.
  • Considers, studies and recommends the application of new computer/related technologies applications which impact more than one County department in order to assure the application of said technologies are coordinated and add efficiency to County operations.
  • Submits to the Board, as required by statute, a complete list of persons selected from each voting precinct to act as judges of election by the political parties.
  • Recommends polling place changes, as necessary, to the Board.
  • Prepares and submits to the Board, at its June meeting, a resolution establishing the boundaries and polling places of new precincts, when required by law.
  • Performs other general duties of the County Offices Committee as described in the County Code.