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Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee

The County Clerk and GIS office announce a new 2020 Whiteside County Elections & Voters Information Site. This new site provides a new, modern design that is easier to navigate and more user-friendly. Information about upcoming elections and voter registration options along with GIS maps and apps are featured.

Check it out at https://elections-whiteside.hub.arcgis.com/.

View properties up for the county's Tax Sale on November 1st with the Tax Sale Property App. Find out more information about the Tax Sale on the Tax Collector's Page


As property owners in the unincorporated areas of Whiteside County, Illinois begin clean-up and repairs following recent flooding, the Whiteside County Building and Zoning Office is reminding residents to obtaining permits before repairing or rebuilding flood-damaged structures. 

Permits must be obtained for any construction or development activity in a floodplain area, including the repair or reconstruction of structures damaged by flooding.

Special conditions apply to buildings in which the total cost of repairs is 50 percent or more of the structure’s pre-flood market value.  If a building is found to be damaged 50 percent or more, regulations require that repairs not begin until compliance with the local floodplain ordinance is demonstrated.  In some cases, that may require elevating or flood-proofing the structure to reduce the potential for future flood damage.

Repair costs must be calculated by assuming the building will be fully repaired to its pre-damaged condition, even if the owner decides to do less.  The total cost calculation must include structural materials, finish materials and labor, even if the owner chooses to do his or her own repairs.  The County of Whiteside also tracks cumulative damages caused by multiple flood events.

State and federal assistance may be available to property owners to reduce the chances of future flood damage.  Mitigation assistance may cover costs of relocation, or for elevating or purchasing flood-damaged structures.  Residents with a flood insurance policy may also be eligible to obtain up to $30,000 to protect a structure from future flood damage.

The Whiteside County Tax Collector and GIS offices' have deployed a new Tax Indicator Dashboard.View metrics this season in regards to Real Estate Tax Collection. To find out more about the tax collection process, visit the Tax Collector's page. (Only updated on Business Days).

The Tax Sale Property application is now available providing information regarding those properties in the County currently up for the annual Tax Sale which will take place on November 1st, 2018. Properties are searchable by PIN or by clicking on the map. You can locate the application provided by the Collector's Office and GIS Office by clicking Here or on the Collector or GIS pages.

More information about Elections can be found here.

For more information on options to pay your tax bill, visit the Whiteside County Collector's webpage here.

The GIS office announces a new online mapping application called My Neighborhood Services. This map allows the general public to locate government facilities and available services that increase the quality of life in a community, such as libraries, fire stations, hospitals & clinics, post offices, etc. You can find the new application here or in the map gallery on the GIS office's home page.

Whiteside County Economic Development Website

A new website has launched highlighting the economic and business advantages Whiteside County and Northwest Illinois have to offer. Please visit the new website at the link above. 


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