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Jack Hughes

Jack Hughes

Mon, December 12 2014

Privacy Policy

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Mon, December 12 2014

Terms and Conditions

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Tue, November 11 2014

County Board Committee Chairs

County Board Chair
Martin Koster

County Board Vice-Chair
Kurt Glazier

Parent/Standing Committee Chairs

County Offices Committee

Brooke Pearson

Finance Committee

Glen Truesdell

Judiciary Committee

Thomas Ausman

Public Safety Committee

Kurt Glazier

Public Works Committee

Glenn Frank

Health and Social Services Committee

Mark Hamilton

Special/Advisory Committee Chairs

Wage & Salary Committee

Douglas Wetzell

Labor Management Committee

Marty Koster

Special Service Area No. 1

 James Duffy

Insurance Committee

Glen Truesdell

Landfill Committee

Sue Britt

Personal Practices Committee

Sue Britt

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Comperhensive Plan information

Landfill Fees

pdf Please click this button for more info, such as hours of operation and ect (31 KB)

Disposal Rates:

General Refuse:
In-County: $23.88 per ton (2 ton min)
Out-of-County: $38.16 per ton (2 ton min)

Hard to Handle:
$72.00 per ton (2 ton min)

Yard Waste:
$21.00 per cubic yard

Consumer-Delivered Waste:
In County: Automobile Loads: $10.00 per load
Out County: Automobile Loads: $30.00 per load
In County: By pick-up truck/ Station Wagons/ Van Loads: $20.00 Minimun 
Out County: By pick-up truck/ Station Wagons/ Van Loads: $30.00
In County: By pick-up truck/ Van Loads: $40.00 Minimun
Out County: By pick-up truck/ Van Loads: $50.00

Minimum Charge: Applies to Packers, Roll-Offs, Dump Trucks, Trailers, Wagons


NOTE: FOR REGULATED WASTESTREAMS, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR WM TECHNICAL SERVICE CENTER AT (800) WMDisposal or (800) 963-4776 for pricing information and waste approval processing



The Federal Bureau of Prisons has just released an updated fact sheet.  

This update has several web sites filled with helpful information and videos.  Whether you are a prospective applicant, BOP Partner or a local information broker, the sites provide demand driven 24/7 information.

If funding is secured in the 2011 Federal Budget, the Federal Bureau of prisons will operate Thomson Correctional Center as a maximum security prison.  Eligibility and Pre-Employment information as well as Salary information, is available in this fact sheet.

click here for fact sheet

Mon, December 12 2010

Star Road Closure Update

The Whiteside County Highway Department issued a public service announcement regarding a closing of Star Road (on the east edge of the City of Prophetstown, IL) beginning at Lyndon Road on the west and extending east for approximately ¼ mile.

Star Road, beginning at Lyndon Road on the west and extending east (approximately ¼ mile), will be closed to all traffic until further notice.  This closure is necessary for bridge reconstruction and has been in effect since August 16, 2010.  Weather conditions do not allow for portions of the remaining roadway approach work to be completed and the closure may possibly remain in effect until spring.  

Motorists are reminded to use the marked detour of Yorktown, Mill and Lyndon Roads which bypass this closure.  

For additional information concerning the closure, please contact the Whiteside County Highway Department at (815) 772-7651.


The annual assessor’s meeting will be held in the Emergency Operations Center, Room 117, located on the ground floor of the Whiteside County Courthouse, at Morrison, Illinois on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at 1:00 PM  

This meeting is open to the public.

Robin Brands

Whiteside County
Chief County Assessing Official

November 1, 2010

Supervisor of Assessments Office

1:30 PM         Actions on Board’s own Motion
Applications for Exempt Status
Certificates of Error, if any
Set Next Meeting Date - Recess Until Then
Whiteside County is pleased to announce that Whiteside County Public Transportation System will receive $968,000 from the Federal Transportation Administration and is a part of a nearly $10million federal grant to Illinois for upgrades to the facility in Sterling located at the Senior Center.  Upgrades will consist of more vehicle storage space, a maintenance bay and a wash bay system.  The total project cost is $1.21M with a match of $242,000 from a state capital grant which will also cover design, environmental and construction.
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