Can I get someone elses Birth Certificate?

No. You are entitled to certified copies of your own (if of legal age) and your children's. However, records over 75 years old are available for geneaology.

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How far back do your records go?

Birth and Death Records go back to 1878; Marriage Records date to 1839; County Board minutes to 1839.

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What must I bring with me to obtain a Marriage License?

Your partner; information about your latest divorce (if applicable) and your parents names, addresses and the state of their births.  You must also bring a valid photo id.  The cost is $20.  There is a one day waiting period for a marriage license and you must use the license within 60 days.  You must get the license in the county where you are getting married.

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Where can I register to vote?

At the County clerk's Office; At any Drivers License facility and at most City Clerk's Offices. Also, mail-in registration forms are available at nearly all post offices in the county. There is also a form on this website under documents and forms.  Registration always closes 28 days prior to Election Day.

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Why do my taxes go up so much?

Either your taxable value increased (by the local assessor) or because local units of government or schools increased their tax levies, or both. The county only extends and collects the taxes for the local units and schools. We don't decide how much they should be.

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