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2013 Assessment Publications
   Assessment publications are going to be made September 11, 2013 in the
   Daily Gazette and Fulton Journal, September 10, 2013 in the Whiteside News Sentinel,
   Erie Review and Prophetstown Echo.
   Assessment appeals must be filed by October 10, 2013 for property in:
   Clyde, Ustick, Lyndon, Mt. Pleasant, Union Grove, Prophetstown, Erie,
   Fenton, Newton, Portland Townships and October 11, 2013 for property in:
   Coloma, Genesee, Hahnaman, Hopkins, Hume, Jordan, Montmorency, 
   Sterling, Tampico, Albany, Fulton and Garden Plain Townships.
   In a quadrennial year all assessments in a township are published.  Quadrennial
   assessments were made this year in Fulton, Garden Plain, Albany, Newton,
   Fenton, Erie and Portland Townships.
   In a non-quadrennial years, only those assessments changed by an assessing official 
   are published.  Assessments changed by the application of a township factor are
   not required to be published.
The following township factors were applied to the following property classes in 2013:
 Fulton Township
   Residential:              .9892
   Commercial:             .9451
   Industrial:                 .9779
   Farm Home & Site:  .9655
 Ustick/Clyde Townships
   Residential:               .9832
   Commercial:              .9817
   Industrial:                1.6942
   Farm Home & Site:  .9826
 Genesee/Hopkins/Jordan Townships
   Residential:               .9805
   Commercial:             .9685
   Industrial:               1.1864
   Farm Home & Site:  .9770
 Albany/Garden Plain Townships
   Residential:             1.0455
   Commercial:              .9828
   Industrial:                  .9786
   Farm Home & Site: 1.0434
 Union Grove/Mt. Pleasant Townships
   Residential:                 .9976
   Commercial:               .9942
   Industrial:                   .9993
   Farm Home & Site:   .9985
 Sterling Township
   Residential:                 .9824
   Commercial:                .9824
   Industrial:                    .9757
   Farm Home & Site:    .9819
 Coloma Township
   Residential:                 .9725
   Commercial:               .9726
   Industrial:                   .9714
   Farm Home & Site:    .9714



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