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Event: 'Sheriff Sale' Print
  Previous Years Sheriff Sale
Past Sheriff Sales of Previous Years
Date: Thursday, November 01, 2012 - 10:00 am
Contact Info:
Whiteside County Courthouse, third floor lobby, 200 E Knox street, Morrison, IL 61270

  • 12CH54 US Bank National Assoc vs Joseph M Larkin commonly known as 1119 Charles street, Rock Falls, IL
    sold to plaintiff for $68,400.00)
  • 12CH44 BMO Harris Bank vs Benjamin A Jimenez commonly known as 408 Circle drive, Rock Falls, IL(cont to 12/6/12)
  • 12CH50 BMO Harris Bank vs Benjamin A Jimenez commonly known as 905 3rd street, Sterling, IL(cont to 12/6/12)
  • 12CH59 GMAC Mortgage vs Wesley Dauen commonly known as 209 9th avenue North, Albany, IL(sold to plaintiff for $106,935.23)
  • 12CH53 Citizens First National bank vs Paul B Hubbard commonly known as 24240 Harvey Road, Sterling, IL(sold to plaintiff for $62,362.19)
  • 12CH20 Green Tree Servicing LLC vs Randall Schwass commonly know as 1307 East 3rd St, Sterling, IL(sold to plaintiff for $60,524.12)
  • 12CH17 GMAC Mortgage vs Dennis E Pennell commonly known as 607 Mason Ave Rock Falls, IL(cont to 12/6/12)
  • 12CH13 Midfirst Bank vs Arthur K & Margarita Guernsey commonly known as 24049 Hillcrest Drive, Sterling IL (cancelled 7/25/12)
  • 11CH133 JPMorgan Chase Bank vs Dawn M Fowler commonly known as 306 E 2nd St, Tampico IL(sold to plaintiff for $55,675.00)
  • 12CH64 GMAC Mortgage vs Angela R Gillette & Chase Gillette commonly known as 405 13th Ave, Rock Falls, IL(sold to plaintiff for $72,454.44)
  • 11CH198 US Bank National Association vs Andrew Kessler commonly known as 401 3rd Ave, Rock Falls, IL(cancelled 10/19/12)
  • 10CH170 Bank of America vs Dennis J. O'Neil & Cheryl A. O'Neil commonly known as 3903 Jenny Court, Sterling, IL(cancelled 10/09/12)
  • 12CH29  Bank of America vs John L Myres commonly known as 4428 Stern Rd, Erie IL(sold to plaintiff for $105,679.31)
  • 11CH85  JPMorgan Chase Bank vs Marty Cooper commonly known as 108 7th Ave, Sterling IL(cancelled 07/25/12)
  • 12CH1 PHH Mortgage Corporation vs John L Kreps & Mandy K Kreps commonly known as 1203 E 18th St, Sterling IL (cancelled 7/31/12)
  • 12CH6 US Bank National Association vs Christopher M Price & Rachel Price commonly known as 1009 15th Ave, Fulton, IL(sold to plaintiff for $43,732.64)
  • 11CH140 Bank of America vs Jason P Vasquez commonly known as 102 8th Ave, Sterling, IL(cont to 1/3/2013)
  • 11CH21 Wells Fargo Bank vs Justin P Lehman commonly known as 1406 E 14th St, Sterling, IL(sold to plaintiff for $23,354.45)
  • 11CH182 The Bank of New York Mellon vs Cynthia K Berard commonly known as 1004 6th Ave, Sterling, IL(cancelled 10/12/12)
  • 11CH110 US Bank National Association vs Joshua J Rodriguez commonly known as 1903 22nd Ave, Sterling, IL(cont to 2/7/2013)
  • 11CH201 US Bank vs Jimmie Gaugh commonly known as 1403 Griswold Ave, Sterling, IL(Cont to 12/3/12)
  • 12CH39 Fifth Third Mortgage Company vs Emily A Clarida commonly known as 1709 French St, Rock Falls,(cont to 1/3/13)
  • 10CH116 JPMorgan Chase Bank vs Dolores G Ceniseros commonly known as 1004 Oak Ave, Sterling, IL(cancelled 10/17/12)
  • 09CH79 Bank of America vs Kenneth Bohm commonly known as 4205 Grimes Street, Sterling, IL(sold to plaintiff for $99,107.88)
  • 11CH183 First Trust and Savings Bank vs Mark A Howard commonly known as 7730 Kelly Court, Erie IL(CONT TO 1/3/2013)
  • 11CH70 Citimortgage Inc vs Boyce A Curfman commonly known as 302 East Market St, Tampico, IL(sold to plaintiff for $25,547.88)
  • 10CH12 Nationstar Mortgage vs Lane E Anderson commonly known as 22183 Lyndon Road, Morrison, IL(sold to plaintiff for $107,370.21)



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