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  Previous Years Sheriff Sale
Past Sheriff Sales of Previous Years
Date: Thursday, October 04, 2012 At 10:00 AM
Contact Info:
Whiteside County Courthouse, third floor lobby, 200 E Knox street, Morrison, IL

  • 12CH12 Central Bank Illinois vs Michael Bourquin commonly known as 200 South Main street, Tampico, IL(sold to plaintiff $59,190.00)
  • 12CH39 Fifth Third Mortgage vs Emily A Clarida commonly known 1709 French street, Rock Falls, IL(cont to 11/1/12)
  • 11CH208 JP Morgan Chase Bank vs Brian M Tucker commonly known as 1008 Ave B, Rock Falls IL(sold to plaintiff $51,000.00)
  • 11CH100 JPMorgan Chase bank, National Association vs Dareen F Forbes & Amanda S Forbes commonly known as 20829 Lincoln Road, Sterling, IL(canceled 10/04/12)
  • 12CH11 U.S. Bank National Association vs Olivia Lopez commonly known as 2021 East 7th St, Sterling IL(sold to plaintiff $48,425.00)
  • 11C17 CitiMortgage Inc vs Sheila M Akers commonly known as 1111 W 20th St, Rock Falls, IL(canceled 8/17/12)
  • 10CH233 Bank Of America vs Jason Lilly & Katie Woodard commonly known as 215 W 12th St, Rock Falls, IL(sold to plaintiff $81,917.50)
  • 09CH79 Bank Of Americaa vs Kenneth Bohm commonly known as 4205 Grimes St, Sterling, IL (cont to 11/1/12)
  • 11CH174 BOA vs Brent T Bellini commonly known as 1317 15th ave, Sterling, IL(sold to plaintiff for $35,000.00)
  • 12CH9 Beal Bank S.S.B. vs Patricia A Williamson f/k/a Smith; Thomas R Williamson commonly known as 1108 W 20th st, Rock Falls, IL(sold to plaintiff $67,525.96)
  • 09CH174 Deutsche Bank vs Estate of Elmer Joseph Noe commonly known as 1702 West 4th St., Sterling, IL(sold to Alan R Thompson $33,000.00)
  • 11CH94 Citimortgage Inc vs Frank & Tisha Garza commonlyh known as 707 Dillon Ave, Sterling, IL(canceled 10/3/12)
  • 11CH70 Citimortgage Inc vs Boyce A Curfman commonly known as 302 East Market St, Tampico, IL(cont to 11/1/12)
  • 10CH12 Nationstar Mortgage vs Lane E Anderson commonly known as 22183 Lyndon Road, Morrison, IL(cont to 11/1/12)
  • 11CH183 First Trust and Savings Bank vs Mark A Howard & Carol R Howard commonly known as 7730 Kelly Court, Erie, IL(cont to 11/1/12)
  • 10CH116 JP Morgan Chase Bank National Associationvs Dolores G. Ceniseros commonly known as 1004 Oak Ave, Sterling, IL(cont to 11/1/12)
  • 10CH136 Bank of America vs David Collins commonly known as 1414 Lancaster Drive, Rock Falls, IL(sold to plaintiff $130,597.54)
  • 11CH104 Deutsche Bank vs Carole Near commonly known as 115 Birch Street, Prophetstown, IL(canceled 9/28/12)
  • 10CH102 The Bank of New York Mellon vs Aneisha M Miniel commonly known as 911 2nd Ave, Sterling, IL(canceled 10/04/12) 

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