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  Previous Years Sheriff Sale
Past Sheriff Sales of Previous Years
Date: Thursday, August 02, 2012 At 10:00 AM
Contact Info:
Whiteside County Courthouse, third floor lobby, 200 E Knox street, Morrison, IL

  • 11CH139 JP Morgan Chase Bank vs Barbara Jones commonly known as 309 E 2nd street, Tampico, IL (CONT TO 9/6/12)
  • 11CH168 Bank of New York vs John F Buckley commonly known as 1212 W 16th street, Rock Falls, IL (cont to 9/6/12)
  •  11CH172 CitiMortgage vs Linda L Maynard commonly known as 617 5th avenue, Rock Falls, IL (sold toPlaintiff for $12,750.00) 
  • 11CH191 Bank of New York vs Thomas Trujillo commonly known as 304 4th avenue, Rock Falls, IL (cont to 09/06/12)
  • 11CH157 JP Morgan Chase Bank vs Jeffery M Boardman commonly known as 620 Woodlawn drive, Prophetstown, IL (cont to 09/06/12)
  • 10CH128 Wells Fargo Bank vs Trishia L Hamdorf commonly known as 1100 Main street, Erie, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $59,415.00)
  • 10CH67 BAC Home Loans vs Aloys T Wagner commonly known as 406 S Hall street, Morrison, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $87,176.73)
  • 11CH80 JP Morgan Chase Bank vs Ryan M Dooley commonly known as 408 19th avenue, Sterling, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $47,600.00) 
  • 11CH174 BOA vs Brent T Bellini commonly known as 1317 15th ave, Sterling, IL (cont to 10/4/12)
  • 11CH155 United States of America vs Judith Knott, et al Whiteside Co commonly known as 209 S Joy St., Tampico, IL (sold to Donald & Janet Amery for $37,000)
  • 11CH87 JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association vs Erin k Sucher comonly known as 308 W 6th St, Rock Falls, IL (canceled 7/31/12)
  • 10CH154 Bank of America vs Floyd R Dolin commonly known as 1106 9th Ave, Rock Falls, IL (sold to Rex lasson for $37,660.00)
  • 11CH77 JPMorgan Chase bank vs Billie McCloud commonly known as 1119 Avenue A, Rock Falls, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $61,200.00)
  • 11CH156ST Community State Bank of Rock Falls vs Patrick E Ryan & Amy S Ryan commonly known as 10462 Frog Pond Road, Erie IL(sold to Plaintiff for $47,058.42)

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