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  Previous Years Sheriff Sale
Past Sheriff Sales of Previous Years
Date: Thursday, July 05, 2012 - 10:00 am
Contact Info:
Whiteside County Courthouse, third floor lobby, 200 E Knox street, Morrison, IL

  • 11CH87 JP Morgan Chase Bank vs Erin K Sucher commonly known as 308 W 6th street, Rock Falls, IL (cont to 8/2/12)
  • 10CH102 Bank of New York vs Aneisha M Miniel commonly known as 911 2nd avenue, Sterling, IL (cancelled 04/23/12)
  • 11CH11 Bank of New York vs Mark A Tichler commonly known as 1308 13th avenue, Sterling, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $49,300.00)
  • 11CH118 JP Morgan Chase Bank vs Jefry A Dalke; Sylvia C Brauer-Martinez commonly known as 1507 Avenue I, Sterling, IL(cancelled 6/14/12)
  • 11CH170 Clinton National Bank vs Paul E McCune commonly known as 1110 8th avenue, Fulton, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $93,478.26)
  • 10CH192 JP Morgan Chase Bank vs Tyler W Nelson; Kasey J Wonk commonly known as 504 2nd street West, Lyndon, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $53,975.00)
  • 11CH76 JP Morgan Chase Bank vs Heath W Burge commonly known as 811 West 13th street, Sterling, IL (sold to JP Morgan Chase Bank for $55,250.00)
  • 11CH77 JP Morgan Chase Bank vs Billie J McCloud commonly known as 1119 Avenue A, Rock Falls, IL(cont to 8/2/12)
  • 11CH130 Flagstar Bank vs Chester A Litty commonly known as 10450 Court road, Morrison, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $29,925.00
  • 10CH154 Bank of America vs Floyd R Dolin commonly known as 1106 9th avenue, Rock Falls, IL (cont to 08/02/12)
  • 11CH175 DHCU vs Bruce E Franks commonly known as 1530 Henry road, Prophetstown, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $153, 655.70)
  • 11CH180 Midland States Bank vs Laurel E Graham commonly known as 1404 Harvey drive, Sterling, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $39,480.00)
  • 10CH239 Wells Fargo Bank vs Troy M Jacobs commonly known as 527 6th street, Erie, IL (cancelled 05/04/12)
  • 11CH91 Wells Fargo Bank vs Harold E VanDrew commonly known as 615 W 16th street, Sterling, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $107,200.14)
  • 10CH135 Bank of America vs Pamela J Nutt-Jones; Gary LaMonte-Jones commonly known as 601 11th avenue, Rock Falls, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $62,771.70)
  • 09CH160 HSBC Bank vs Gregory P Andreas commonly known as 209 Hudson drive, Rock Falls, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $49,500.00)
  • 11CH182 Bank of New York vs Cynthia K Berard aka Ruiz commonly known as 1004 6th avenue, Sterling, IL (cont to 09/06/12)
  • 11CH185 Wells Fargo Bank vs Clifford E Swick commonly known as 301 W 15th street, Sterling, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $48,047.00)
  • 09CH137 Flagstar Bank vs Anthony M Rodriguez commonly known as 217 2nd avenue, Rock Falls, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $80,874.02)
  • 11CH115 Bank of America vs Eric E Bryant commonly known as 512 7th avenue, Sterling, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $113,825.02) 
  • 11CH183 First Trust and Savings Bank vs Mark A Howard commonly known as 7730 Kelly court, Erie, IL (cont to 09/06/12)
  • 10CH10 BAC Home Loans vs Brian P Russell commonly known as 1116 2nd avenue, Fulton, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $81,960.90)
  • 10CH157 Citimortgage vs Ralph M Vasquez commonly known as 22521 Buell road, Sterling, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $127,909.15)
  • 11CH210 Bank of New York vs Timothy E Plocinski commonly known as 205 W 6th street, Prophetstown, IL (cancelled 05/25/12)
  • 11CH141 JP Morgan Chase Bank vs David R Meyer commonly known as 1822 2nd ave, Sterling, IL (sold to Plaintiff Bank for $78,756.23)
  • 11CH222ST Community State Bank of Rock Falls vs Joshua A Bousman, Hillary R Dalton, commonly knowns as 110 West Winfield, Morrison IL (sold to Plaintiff for $92,761.11) 
  • 11CH162ST Community State Bank of Rock Falls vs Wilmetta M Shawyer commonly known as 1301 FLock Ave, Rock Falls, IL (sold to Plaintiff for $71,814.68)

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