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  Previous Years Sheriff Sale
Past Sheriff Sales of Previous Years
Date: Thursday, November 03, 2011 At 10:00 AM
Contact Info:
Whiteside County Courthouse, 3rd floor lobby, 200 E Knox street, Morrison, IL

  • 11CH40 Suntrust Mortgage vs Daniel R Hager commonly known as 509 North 2nd avenue, Albany, IL (cancelled 07/26/11)
  • 11CH53 CitiMortgage Inc vs Loren Niemeyer commonly known as 204 East 6th street, Rock Falls, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $54,336.08)
  • 11CH54 PHH Mortgage vs Diane M Ramirez commonly known as 1001 Elm avenue, Sterling, IL (continued to 12/01/11)
  • 11CH43 Nationwide Advantage Mortgage vs Tonya C Dickey commonly known as 303 Maple street, Prophetstown, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $32,733.13)
  • 11CH47ST United Community Bank vs Andrew L Brookhart commonly known as 709 School court, Erie, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $83,297.34)
  • 11CH29 Wells Fargo Bank vs Estate of Eugene R Szakatits commonly known as 903 W 19th street, Sterling, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $73,819.65)
  • 10CH152 Fifth Third Bank vs Gary A Spatz commonly known as 1508 17th avenue, Sterling, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $58,500.00)
  • 11CH49 Deutsche Bank vs Dean O'Neil commonly known as 1719 Angle street, Rock Falls, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $38,705.00)
  • 09CH174 Deutsche Bank vs Estate of Elmer J Noe commonly known as 1702 W 4th street, Sterling, IL (continued to 01/05/12)
  • 10CH230ST State Bank of Paw Paw vs Mitchell D Serrano commonly known as 611 E 3rd street, Sterling, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $122,133.10)  and 1901 1/2 N Locust street, Sterling, IL  (Sold to Plaintiff for $97,000.00)
  • 09CH14 Bank of New York Mellon vs Diego Juarez commonly known as 1407 6th avenue, Sterling, IL (continued to 12/01/11)
  • 10CH159 HSBS Bank vs Angela Riggens commonly known as 507 E 4th street, Rock Falls, IL (cancelled 11/03/11)
  • 11CH58 Old Second National Bank vs Rock River Bowl, Inc commonly known as 405 W Route 30, Rock Falls, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $261,000.00)
  • 11CH33 Wells Fargo Bank vs Jedediah J Frederick commonly known as 22985 Blue Goose road, Chadwick, IL (cancelled 10/21/11)
  • 11CH41ST Community State Bank of Rock Falls vs Carl R Banda commonly known as 316 Ada street, Rock Falls, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $91,925.00)
  • 10CH57 Wells Fargo Bank vs Arthur N Dykema commonly known as 442 N Jackson street, Morrison, IL (continued to 12/01/11)

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