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  Previous Years Sheriff Sale
Past Sheriff Sales of Previous Years
Date: Thursday, August 04, 2011 At 10:00 AM
Contact Info:
Whiteside County Courthouse, 3rd floor lobby, 200 E. Knox street, Morrison, IL

  • 10CH246 US Bank vs Glenn R Retherford commonly known as 205 Avenue D, Rock Falls, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $52,125.00)
  • 10CH264 Fifth Third Mortgage vs Aaron Vandersnick commonly known as 510 12th avenue, Sterling, IL  (Sold to Plaintiff for $68,036.69)
  • 10CH261 The Bank of New York Mellon Corp vs Tony M Cook commonly known as 24876 Gaulrapp road, Rock Falls, IL (Sold to Michael Gaulrapp for $27,501.00)
  • 10CH228 PHH Mortgage vs Richard C Merritt commonly known as 17171 Timber driver, Sterling, IL (continued to 09/01/11)
  • 10CH20 Everhome Mortgage Corp vs Mark J Okrasinski commonly known as 27780 Hahnaman road, Deer Grove, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $127,149.00)
  • 10CH168 Everhome Mortgage Corp vs Matthew L Spencer commonly known as 809 W Park street, Morrison, IL (continued to 09/01/11)
  • 10CH36 Wells Fargo Bank vs Dean M Eikenberry commonly known as 808 E 5th street, Sterling, IL (cancelled 07/15/11)
  • 10CH205 Flagstar Bank vs Douglas J Pell commonly known as 10276 Spring Valley road, Fulton, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $171,231.82)
  • 10CH111 Harris Bank vs Christopher P Adams commonly known as 524 W 8th street, Rock Falls, IL (continued to 09/01/11)
  • 10CH141 US Bank National vs Robert D Wilson commonly known as 406 South Base street, Morrison, IL (cancelled 06/29/11)
  • 10CH239 Wells Fargo Bank vs Troy M Jacobs commonly known as 527 6th street, Erie, IL (cancelled 06/16/11)
  • 10CH238 Wells Fargo Bank vs Rexhep R Ternova commonly known as 510 Pleasant street, Rock Falls, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $29,750.00)
  • 10CH242 HSBC Bank vs Mary Scoles commonly known as 1507 16th avenue, Sterling, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $58,992.20)
  • 09CH178ST Select Employees Credit Union vs Lindsley A Chattic commonly known as 1102 Avenue H, Sterling, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $130,000.00)
  • 10CH130 In Re the Matter of Sharon L Kraft vs Scott Bailey commonly known as 928 16th avenue, Fulton, IL  (Sold to Plaintiff for $5,000.00)

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