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  Previous Years Sheriff Sale
Past Sheriff Sales of Previous Years
Date: Thursday, January 06, 2011 At 10:00 AM
Contact Info:
Whiteside County Courthouse, third floor lobby, 200 East Knox street, Morrison, IL

  • 10CH103 US Bank vs Lawrence J Ganther commonly known as 2011 Stevens street, Rock Falls, IL (cancelled 11/22/10)
  • 10CH89 BAC Home Loans vs Daren L Johnson commonly known as 808 15th avenue, Fulton, IL (cancelled 09/15/10)
  • 10CH73 BAC Home Loans vs Luis Rodriguez commonly known as 410 9th avenue, Sterling, IL (continued to 02/03/11)
  • 10CH107 US Bank vs Louise A Hrubecky commonly known as 22109 Buell road, Sterling, IL (continued to 02/03/11)
  • 10CH64 Amcore Bank vs Christopher J McNinch commonly known as 1003 3rd avenue, Sterling, IL (continued to 03/03/11)
  • 09CH177 BAC Home Loans vs Ronnie J Ivey commonly 810 West Park street, Morrison, IL (continued to 03/03/11)
  • 10CH68 BAC Home Loans vs David A Rippy commonly known as 604 Avenue D, Rock Falls, IL (continued to 03/03/11)
  • 10CH81 Citimortgage Inc vs Branda M Keele commonly known as 102 East 4th street, Lyndon, IL (continued to 02/03/11)
  • 09CH90 US Bank vs Troy Sieberg commonly known as 13095 Albany road, Albany, IL (continued t o 02/03/11)
  • 09CH192 Deutsche Bank vs Lonnic Chattic commonly known as 1012-1014 West 4th street, Sterling, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $56,250.00)
  • 10CH86 Wells Fargo Financial vs Ellen Kunde commonly known as 1104 East LeFevre road, Sterling, IL (cancelled 11/30/10)
  • 10CH72 US Bank vs Carlos R reyes commonly known as 1302 5th avenue, Rock Falls, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $70,875.00)
  • 10CH90 First National Bank of Rochelle vs Klayton R Kraabel commonly known as 25103 Prophet rd, Rock Falls, IL (Sold to Plaintiff for $65,000.00)
  • 10CH31 Wells Fargo Bank vs Joshua Johnson commonly known as 602 Jackson street, Prophetstown, IL (cancelled 01/05/11)
  • 10CH60 Flagstar Bank vs Jessie I Quimby commonly known as 810 1/2 Avenue A, Rock Falls IL (cancelled 01/05/11)
  • 10CH76 Bank of New York vs Jason Brown commonly known as 30991 Holly road, Sterling, IL (cancelled 01/05/11)

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